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Management Focused

Most managers are just trying to sell your house and are not truly focused on rental management. They have too many agents which means they have too many conflicts of interest when you need help. Since management is our primary focus, owners and tenants get more attention. Our priority will always be ensuring the successful management of the homes in our real estate portfolio, first and foremost. This focus is why more local realtors partner with us to get Real Estate assistance than anyone else.
HOTT Homes Real Estate proudly uses Appfolio management software which helps our team keep all rentals tasks organized to ensure a seamless process from rent collection to rental income deposited directy into your bank account. You have 24/7 access to an online owner portal to monitor cashflow.


We Actually Inspect Your Home Each Year

Many managers make big claims about doing inspections but the industry's dirty secret is that most will never set foot inside your home until the tenant moves out. Years can go by before they ever inspect. Finding a clogged A/C filter sucked into your vent can ruin your HVAC unit. Our lease agreement requires tenants to allow regular visits so we can try to eliminate unwanted surprises that cost you money. These visits help enforce the terms of the lease and can prevent more costly problems.

The Local Experts

You cannot afford to let just anybody manage your rental property. We're the trusted leader in local real estate. Experience matters and we have over 15 years of it. We constantly monitor local market trends and pay attention to what tenants/buyers want. We use this information to better position your rental property to be the most profitable it can be. Small investors and accidental landlords love us because we are a one-stop shop for everything you need.

Get Your FREE Property Assessment

HOTT Homes property managers have access to the best tools in the industry to provide you with a FREE market analysis of what is renting around the neighborhood and more importantly what your home can rent for.

  • Learn what your Property Could Rent For
  • Receive a Proposal of Services
  • Cost of Services
  • Copy of our Management Agreement
  • Copy of the Tax Assessor Record of your Home

Additional HOTT Homes Services

Real estate sales

HOTT Homes offers a full range of real estate sales services. We specialize in selling tenant occupied homes and buying additional rentals to add to your investment portfolio. With HOTT Homes never lose time and money by removing the tenant, while trying to sell your homes. Your tenant will work with you to sell your home with our proven tenant occupied selling strategy.

You will have exclusive access to our HOTT list of CASH FLOW POSITIVE rental investments when the time is right. Every week HOTT Homes generates a new list using our propietary formula and techniques to hand select all of the homes in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County priced under $500,000 that will make you money each month with only 15% down. Call us today to find out how we can earn you money with our hand picked rental opportunites, low Real Estate fees and higher rental income return.

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