Relationship FIRST

The relationships we build with guests that come to reside in your home is the most significant relationships that we build, because we believe this relationships must be built on mutual respect. It is through respect and dilligent follow through that we protect your greatest investment, your rental. This is what sets us apart from other property managers. We care and respect you, as well as the people, families, students, individuals invited to live in your rentals. This is the reason we are so well regarded as providing superior customer service to property owners and valued tenants.

  • 5 star customer service
  • 24/7 Relationship management
  • Exclusive access to tenant and owner portal
  • Annual inspections
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What We Do For You

Leasing Services

Fill your vacancies faster with our marketing experts working for you. We use a sophisticated assortment of advertising tools to reach the largest audience possible

Background Checks

The right tenant makes all the difference. Every application undergoes rigorous screening, including financial and background checks, to keep you protected.

Rent Collection

Say goodbye to chasing after late rent checks each month. Our team handles all collection efforts on your behalf, with earnings disbursed quickly to protect cashflow.

24/7 Maintenance

Tired of wasting your time handling repairs? Let us address maintenance on your behalf. We filter tenant requests & coordinate with in-house and preferred vendors to get the job done right.

Property Inspections

Our team conducts frequent inspections of every rental home in our portfolio to ensure tenants are respecting their leases. This provides unbeatable peace of mind.

HOA Compliance

If your rental property is subject to HOA regulations, let us keep you compliant. We'll monitor the rules and ensure your home respects all relevant restrictions.

Financial Reporting

Easily monitor your monthly income, recent expenses, and annual performance. We generate regular statements and notes, all of which are available in the online portal.

Legal Guidance

Don't find yourself in violation of California tenant/landlord laws or federal housing regulations. We keep your property compliant and eliminate unnecessary liability for you.

Eviction Assistance

Should the worst come to pass, we'll help you legally evict your tenant. We'll hold your hand every step of the way, and when all is said and done, find a great new renter.

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